What Makes Us Unique:

Here is a little About Us at Credit Union CarFinders. We have partnered with Credit Unions in Atlanta for 25 years. Large and small we are dedicated to helping Credit Unions and their members navigate the stressful process of car buying. Between acquiring suitable financing, finding the right vehicle, and making sure you don’t spend more than you need to, buying a car can be daunting. CarFinders is here to help!

We work inside the building with your Loan Representatives to ensure you get a great car for the right price. Our CarFinder specialists have over 1,500 vehicles available today but we can find any particular make or model you are looking for through a customized search. Once we find your vehicle, delivery is a simple and easy process. 

A little about us: We deliver to all Credit Union branch locations, or come into our office and pick up your car! We bring the Credit Union level of care and community to the car business by keeping member service our number one priority. Call us to assist in your next vehicle purchase!

We’re on a mission to change your perception of the car-buying experience. Think of all the things you hate about buying a car: The price haggling, the games, all the hours spent wasted at the dealership. Now, imagine the OPPOSITE: We’re committed to honesty, transparency, and respect for our customer’s time.


Exceptional Value

There’s just one “No-Haggle Price” for every new & used vehicle in our massive inventory . We don’t believe in separate “Internet prices” or “Showroom prices” or “CarGurus prices.” Other dealers do it all the time. But, that’s the opposite of being upfront and transparent. Every price listed on our website is the BEST price we offer. You’ll save money, too, with our commitment to super competitive, lower-than-market prices. Contact us today, so we can help get you in your new ride and on the road!